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A Girl’s Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Hi ladies! Tired of shaving and waxing? Hate embarrassing razor burn? If you’ve ever thought about laser hair removal, but weren’t sure – keep reading! We’ve got all the answers for you!

Does it hurt?

  • Pain levels are different for each person. Certain parts of the body are more sensitive than others. Talk to your doctor about your options – some places can use a numbing cream. In our opinion, the laser is more of a very light sting and very low on the pain scale. If anything, we’re more uncomfortable than in pain. But the sessions are very short and you’re out of there before you know it!

Is it permanent?

  • Although laser hair removal is very effective, it isn’t 100% permanent; the results are still awesome as your hair will come in thinner and lighter with each treatment. You’ll still need to go for touch ups throughout the years. Some places, like mine offer special deals and after your fifth treatment all touchups are half price (for life!) which is pretty awesome.

Can I go in the sun?

  • Don’t expose your skin to the sun before or after your treatment – you definitely don’t want any discoloration. The color of your skin affects how effective the laser treatment will be. Winter is prime time for laser since you won’t be exposed to the sun. If you’re a self tan junkie like ourselves, stay away from your armpit area as well.  It’ll be hard but worth it!

What type of hair does it work best on?

  • The laser works best on dark, thick hair. It still does work on people who have lighter hair, but the sessions may be different. Talk to your doctors to find out if they think the laser will give you the results you’re hoping for!

Can I still tweeze/wax?

  • No! You can’t wax/pluck the treated area. Let the hair fall from the follicle on its own – otherwise there will be nothing for the laser to treat. But it’s fine to shave before or after your treatment.

How many sessions do I need?

It depends on the section you are getting lasered and also the type of hair you have.  It might also be a case by case process and how your hair is affected by the laser every time you go.  Your doctor will be able to give you an idea after the first session.

We guarantee you will become addicted – once you get one area you want to get everywhere! It’s so great to never have to worry about razor burn or stubble again, especially during bathing suit season. If you have any concerns, talk to your doctor – but we highly recommend it!

There’s always deals on Groupon, but you should absolutely research a place before committing! We’ve heard way too many horror stories and wouldn’t want you to go somewhere just because it has a cheap price tag. With treatments like this – always choose quality!

Also – we’re just speaking from experience and aren’t actual laser hair removal specialists! 🙂 Happy Lasering!

xo C&A