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The Benefit of Taking Breaks @ Work

Do you take a break at work?

According to LifeHack, only one in three workers actually step away from their desk to take a lunch break. Say what?! That’s nuts. Stop thinking you’re too busy to take a break. It’ll help you in the long run.

We all face pressure to work longer hours and not take breaks, but in reality this will put you at risk of burning out. We’re too young and pretty for that!

Here’s a list of some reasons why taking a break at work is actually good for you:

  • Increase productivity, energy levels and concentration.
  • Refresh attention span.
  • Give your eyes a break. Looking at a computer screen for extended periods of time causes changes in how your eyes work. Make sure you take breaks to look away from the computer screen.
  • Relax yourself so you don’t get tired of daily same routine. Step away from your desk for a new experience.
  • Include a break into your daily routine.

How can you use your break wisely?

  • Explore your neighborhood
  • Take a walk
  • Make a bucket list to places to see and go around your office
  • Socialize with coworkers
  • Take a nap
  • Eat lunch outside
  • Instagram scavenger hunt
  • Read for pleasure
  • Listen to podcasts

Even if you only have 10-15 minutes to spare – take it! A few minutes can go a long way whether you use the time to stretch, socialize or drink some water.

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  1. So true!!! Taking breaks is so important. Even if I just stand in the sun for 2 minutes I always feel better! Great advice girl!

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